When Jesus was asked, “How many times should I forgive my brother when he offends me?” He answered, “seventy times seven”

In other words He was saying ‘uncountable’, He was saying ‘forgive, don’t count’

Imagine that someone could be asking how many times they should forgive, probably after which they can start holding grudges. That would not even be forgiveness in the first place, but Jesus ahhhh.. wise man “in whom there is no hypocrisy” told them seventy times seven.

First of all, no body in this life can annoy you 490 times in a day.. Even if the person is given a lifetime to annoy you, you will lose count..well..except you want to have an heart attack.

Secondly, you will be a fool to be counting but if you want to count, you should as well have a book so you don’t fast forward the amount of times or reduce it either.

So, you see either ways you lose if you don’t learn to forgive at the spot. I once read a quote i will paraphrase

“When I forgave, I realized I set a prisoner free and that prisoner was me”

Forgiveness from this statement by Jesus wasn’t dependent on the offender, whether he asked forgiveness or even felt remorse. Jesus said keep forgiving.

Love keeps no records of wrongs. God is love. He wouldn’t expect us to forgive that way if it were not His character. And we are sons and daughters of God who is love. We have His nature so we keep no records of wrongs but forgive 70*7 times.


#Christ a poet.



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